Good people, empowered by (raised to the power of) the right technology, produce good data.

QLS employs a balanced mix of human and technological approaches to data integrity and intelligence for merchants so they can operate efficiently today and grow across highly nuanced sales channels over time. 


We start by providing attentive, responsive, and expert human support across a range of commerce systems (online stores, Point of Sale, accounting, and so on) to help our clients serve their customers, optimize operations, and free staff to do what they do best … all while working to improve the quality of data captured within each system. In parallel, we build what we call “Connections” based on our clients’ needs. Connections are our proprietary “glue” holding our clients’ business ecosystems together to enable flexible automations, support what we call Data Mastery, and to support ecosystem-wide reporting and analytics on all organizational data. 


Long story short, we specialize in building long-term relationships where we provide our clients with both people and technology to help them do business on multiple (and changing) software platforms as they grow. By “Closing the Loop” around commerce data we help merchants understand the true cost of gathering good data and realize the profound long-term benefits of being able to make well-informed business decisions.


QLS consists of two parts:

WineryConnect provides wineries with insight-based IT services and commerce ecosystems. By having real people (our Grape Squad) in the loop to provide industry expertise on partner applications, our reliable and trusted approach to enterprise system support frees up our clients’ resources to not only focus on the main purpose of their business, but also to better connect to customers, achieve a balance between personal and professional lives, and improve their bottom lines.

WineryConnect also positions us to identify requirements for commerce solutions which work across business ecosystems and then build and harden those solutions. CommerceConnect is where we drive significant ROI by building Connections – fully realized answers to the business challenges our clients face across the cloud systems they choose. Connections are highly customizable across a range of operations and sales channels such as Direct-To-Consumer (online and wine clubs), mobile (festivals), retail, restaurant, wholesale, production control, vineyard management, and so on. Critically, Connections support multi-source regulatory reporting enabling our clients, and the many merchants like them, to sell across diverse sales channels while staying compliant.

Please visit WineryConnect and CommerceConnect for more information.