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Best of Breed Value-Added Integration as a Service (BOB-VA-IAAS)

At Quantum Loop Solutions our primary mission is to provide wineries with what we call “Best of Breed Value-Added Integration as a Service”.  Each segment of this philosophy is a cornerstone of our comprehensive technology offerings.

Best of Breed

What Is IntegratedTo scale your business and minimize headaches, at some point you need to streamline and automate business processes with technology. You really only have two ways to do this. One is to pick a company which claims to have an “All-in-one” monolithic solution. The problem here is that these solutions tend in reality to be good at one or two things and extremely poor at others – winery business operations are just too complex and varied to be encompassed by an All-in-one solution.

VintrinsicConnectYour other choice is to adopt a Best of Breed approach where you choose the best technology to solve each business challenge you face. QLS has consulted to wineries and over the years developed a set of strategic technology partners each of which is the best at what they do (selling in the tasting room, selling online, managing production, and so on). VintirinsicConnect is our proven in use collection of winery business solutions. The result is that our customers are broadly supported in their key business processes by large industry-leading organizations, each with their own area of expertise. For more information see our Partners.


The Best of Breed approach, however, comes with its own challenges. The first is that if a winery were to select their own Best of Breed set of technologies they would be left dealing with multiple companies’ support organizations when issues arise; often in situations where it is unclear which technology provider is having a problem. Is it the Point Of Sale vendor, the payment processor, or the Internet Service Provider?

Grape Squad

For this reason, QLS has established the Grape Squad to provide comprehensive training and support to our customers across the technologies we work with. The Grape Squad is your one-stop source for expert business and technical support. For more information see Training & Support.

Of course, every system has its limitations. To fill in gaps where our Best of Breed solutions are missing something QLS has developed our own set of “Micro Apps” based on our customers’ unique requirements. These include:

The QLS Reward Club automates the process of qualifying consumers for rewards (based on bottles purchased, milliliters of wine purchased, or dollars spent), communicating with Reward Club members (welcoming them to the club after they qualify, tracking their membership and emailing them again when their membership is due to expire if they haven’t re-qualified), and changing consumer status (putting the consumer in the correct customer group both in the POS and online such that they get the discounts they are entitled to as members). Our Reward Club qualifies consumers based on both POS sales in the tasting room and online sales they complete from home.

One of our customer wineries let us know that they had an issue with losing distributed kegs on the brewery side of the house (like many, this winery also has a restaurant and is a complicated, multi-faceted operation). We sat down with the brewmaster and in a couple hours outlined the business process he wanted to follow in tracking the distribution of his kegs and in about a month QLS build a Micro App to satisfy his requirements which they have now been successfully using for several years.

Another QLS customer wanted a simple customer lookup feature where consumers in the tasting room could look up their own record to validate club membership. In this case it took two days for QLS to build a solution.

QLS has developed a social engagement platform called Savor designed to help wineries connect with wine lovers, and we have integrated this platform into our VintrinsicConnect solutions. Savor is still a work in progress. To find out more visit

Reporting and Analytics

Finally there is a significant side benefit to the QLS approach. By integrating Best of Breed solutions, QLS streamlines business process resulting in reduced costs and increased flexibility. In addition this means that data from online sales, tasting room sales, production control, and other parts of the winery are combined so that common reporting and analytics can be brought to bear across the organization.

Long story short, QLS does not simply resell third-party solutions – we have worked with wineries to select the best third-party solutions for key business processes, the Grape Squad supports all these solutions so our customers have one support line to call, our Micro Apps add key features, and we have a large library of available birds-eye-view reporting and analytic options. QLS can develop additional Micro Apps on request as well as new reporting and analytic capabilities. This is the core way in which we build Winery Intelligence.

Integration As A Service

vinESBThe last challenge a Best of Breed approach presents is how to get these independent third-party systems to work together. This is our particular strength. QLS principals have been working in systems integration for decades and our core vision is to “close the loop” for wineries such that all their systems work together as a cohesive whole to support business processes. This is the essence of Best of Breed Value-added Integration As A Service. vinESB is our own Enterprise Service Bus – software which connects our Best of Breed partner solutions via the web (As A Service), meaning that each winery gets their own install of vinESB on their own unique URL (e.g. The best news is that wineries don’t need to do anything. The Grape Squad will set up your vinESB instance, configure it to talk to your business systems, and turn on an regularly scheduled synchronization process to keep Products, Consumers, Orders, and other data coordinated. The immediate result is that you have a “single source of the truth” for your key data. The longer term result is that you can more easily learn over time about your business (how your wine is doing, what your customers are doing), even as you change business systems.

When everything is added together VintrinsicConnect, vinESB, and the Grape Squad form our Best of Breed Value-Added Integration as a Service offering for wineries, offering capabilities and flexibilities not available in any other solution on the market and driving towards Winery Intelligence.

Best-In-Breed Partners

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