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Helping Wineries Make Decisions and Grow Revenue

Headquartered in the Cornell Technology Farm in Geneva, NY (the heart of the Finger Lakes wine region) Quantum Loop Solutions is focused on helping wineries grow over the years, scaling revenue across technology platforms driven by deep insights into their business.

Wineries are generally very complex organizations which manufacture a controlled substance, sell it via multiple heavily regulated channels, run retail gift shops, restaurants, weddings, events and even more. Like every business these days, wineries need to make decisions around these activities based on data fed from various software systems. As much as possible you want data to be shared between these systems automatically for two reasons. First, you want to make it easy to grow your revenue by (for instance) not having to manually enter online sales into your POS, or not having to manually enter financial data from your POS into Quickbooks. The second critical thing automation does is make it easy for you to ask important questions of all your key business data.

How can we best segment our consumers based on purchase history across our online store and our tasting room sales? What wines are selling best when and where? Fundamentally, how are my Profit & Loss Statement and my Balance Sheet adding up?

An ability to answer these questions efficiently and effectively is based not only on technology being integrated and working well, but also on winery staff using technology correctly, and being able to get help when they need it without needing to know even which system they need help with, just that they need help.

We offer the best in winery



Vintrinsic Connect offers a set of integrated software systems that allow your winery to gather, manage, access and comprehensively utilize the date that matters most.


We believe support is EVERYTHING. We have our own, uniquely qualified, local support group ready at your call for on-site and help-desk based support.

Our Best-of-Breed Ecosystem

Our Partners

Industry Leading Point Of Sale

QLS has been working with Revel Systems since 2014. We have proven our ability to deploy and support Revel for wineries, particularly complex, multi-faceted wineries with multiple locations, restaurants, wedding and event management, festival operations, and so on.

Industry Leading Online Store

Nexternal has been helping wineries sell online for over 18 years. They have an absolutely top-of-the-line subscription wine club module, as well as extremely robust customer segmentation and email marketing capabilities. Nexternal is our preferred eCommerce solution.

Affordable Online Commerce

Magento is far and away the best open source eCommerce platform on the market. For simple winery sites that do not require a wine club, QLS deploys Magento online stores which can take advantage of the extensive Magento Marketplace of available extensions.

Cloud Wine Making Software

QLS is extremely pleased to announce that we have entered into an agreement with vintrace. Furthermore we are actively working to develop an integration between vintrace and vinESB so that information about wine can be entered just once at the source. vinESB will pick up product SKU and bottling numbers and push them into the POS and online store so all systems are in sync on what bottles are which. vinESB will then pull detailed information like % alcohol by volume, residual sugar, and pH levels to pre-populate descriptions and tasting notes based on winery specified templates. We hope to have development complete on this functionality within the first half of 2018.

Cloud-based Production Management

QLS is proud to announce our partnership with Wine Management Systems. WMS is a leader in winery production software which you can use anywhere and on any device. We are excited to have them with us as part of our partner solution ecosystem.


Meet Sam Weiner. Bringing with him over two and a half decades of experience in software development, business process consulting, and business development, Sam has worked with large companies and small companies across a range of industries and technologies. Sam is a specialist in what’s called Enterprise Architecture (EA). EA is essentially city planning for organizations – concerned with making sure every area of your winery has the support systems it needs today and that those systems are aligned with where you plan to be in the future. Specifically EA tries to be sure that as much as possible the different systems your winery uses talk to each other (see our Technology page for more on this) so your business processes can work smoothly together across departments.

One of the cardinal rules of EA is “never automate before you optimize” which is a way of saying that we should make sure the business process being followed is correct and complete before we try to bring in software to make things easier. QLS has spent years working with wineries to understand things like how excise tax is generated on a monthly basis for the state and quarterly for federal reporting. We’ve worked with complicated wineries including restaurant, retail, wholesale, and remote operations, and we’ve also seen how many hats staff at small wineries have to wear. We’ve seen how winery marketing departments stay keenly aware of what’s happening with younger generations where everything has to be social and mobile.

Based on our experiences, the Grape Squad trains winery staff on how to use the technology we support most effectively with business goals and regulatory restrictions in mind. Further, every QLS engagement includes extensive free consultation from Sam on business planning and direction. Sam is also available for more intensive consultation projects as needed. Contact Us for more information.

We’re Proud

Trusted Clients


QLS has quickly become a trusted advisor and an integral part of the Hazlitt team. From a deep-dive analysis of our Point Of Sale needs to a quick-hit assessment of hosting and technology requirement for our 5 main websites.

Fred Wickham, VP Creative Marketing, Hazlitt 1852

QLS has worked directly with me to push the edge in terms of what is happening with Finger Lakes Winery online stores. Our new store looks clean and professional while incorporating interesting, winery specific capabilities.

Kathleen Roisen, Marketing Coordinator, Hosmer Winery

It took under a week from the time I first met with QLS till we were fully live with three Revel POS stations. I didn’t want to go through the busy season with our old system, and QLS delivered.

Dave Pittard, Owner, Buttonwood Grove Winery

Wagner Brewing had a specific challenge managing our kegs. QLS worked with us to design a simple online and mobile app to track distributors, manifests, and kegs.

Debbie Wagner, Owner, Wagner Valley Brewing